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Dragons Care is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that supports the teachers, staff, and School Resource Officers (SRO's) of Carroll ISD (CISD) as they walk through personal hardships brought on by illness, injury or family tragedy. We exist to serve, support and love our staff in their time of need as they care for our children on a daily basis.

Our hope is that by strengthening parent-staff relations, it will bring more unity within our school district and demonstrate to the CISD staff how much our community truly values them. 

In addition, it is our intention that the outpouring of community involvement and support towards the staff of Carroll ISD will also increase retention and recruitment of excellent staff for the school district, an important component in providing a high-quality educational experience for students. 

Photo of Parent Volunteer with Carroll ISD staff member

This group has been a great help to me and my family.  My husband lost his job and our insurance, two days after I found out I needed to have surgery.  Needless to say, the medical bills were more than we could afford on my teacher’s salary.  Dragons Care came to the rescue! Thank you for making a stressful time a little bit easier.  Dragons Care was an answer to my prayers! 

Michelle Capello, Walnut Grove 

Photo of Teacher assisted by Dragons Care
Teacher and her family supported by Dragons Care
Carroll ISD teacher and family
Photo of Volunteer and Teacher supported by Dragons Care
Dragons Care volunteer and teachers
Photo of Teacher and daughter supported by Dragons Care
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