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Matching Donations for Businesses 

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Matching donations refers to a philanthropic practice where a company commits to matching the charitable contributions made by its employees or customers. Companies may set a specific amount or limit for their matching donations, and they may choose to support a specific cause or allow employees to select the non-profit organizations to which they want their donations to go. Most medium to large companies have matching policies.

Please follow these easy steps to help your gift go even further: 

1. Make your initial donation. This is the first step! Save the receipt.
2. Check your company's matching donation policy. This is useful to leverage your givings for any cause.
3. Make the matching request to your organization. This is a crucial additional step that will double or triple your impact. This usually involves providing the receipt plus additional request forms to your organization.

Reach out to the team at Dragons Care if you have any questions! 

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