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Our Story

In 2020, Covid hit and it affected everyone and along with that came major changes at all school districts across the United States. When Virginia Hinkle, founder of Dragons Care, heard of a family suffering from Covid-19 at Rockenbaugh Elementary School she wanted to help. Their mother ended up in the hospital and was in very bad shape. So she rallied a group of Southlake families to support them. 

Ten families at that campus came together to start a group to feed/purchase groceries for anyone, staff or family, that became sick with Covid-19 at Rockenbaugh Elementary. Those ten people were Virginia Hinkle, Ashley Pye, Alison Hamilton, Akanksha Harkauli, Brandi Maxiell, Emily Navarro, Debbie Murphy, Mary Leathers, Sydni Kahle, and Christina Sherrod. Our two staff members at the campus that provided support and played a huge part in our ability to serve the staff were Debbie Murphy and Traci Fair and they did it during their free time. That group grew to 86 members by the end of the year, helping people with more than just recovering from Covid-19, but also from the winter storm and illness among the staff that arose during that school year.

The current Mayor of Southlake, Laura Hill, and Anchor Clarice Tinsley from KDFW/FOX 4 News promoted the group's efforts and word spread of the good deeds that were being done by ordinary citizens of Southlake. As a result, membership increased dramatically as well as opportunities to serve.

The following year, the group extended over to the Walnut Grove Elementary School campus and began they began focusing more on staff needs. They were able to drastically increase their efforts both in fundraising and participation.

Many other campuses reached out during this time wanting to support their staff as well and that is how we got to where we are today. There is a need and the parents of this community want to be there to fill that need. We are a village of parents and community members coming together to support the teachers, staff and School Resource Officers (SROs) of Carroll ISD. We are willing to volunteer our time and resources to be there for them when they need it most. 

Where we started

Helping Hands Dragons Care Graphic

We supported the first
family diagnosed with
Covid-19 at Rockenbaugh

September 2020

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The Southlake Mayor at the time, Laura Hill, heard about the group and promoted what we were doing on social media

Helping Hands Dragons Care Graphic

Fox News local featured the group and founder on the nightly news.

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When the cafeteria manager was diagnosed with breast cancer, the group raised $2,000 as a community towards her medical bills

Helping Hands Dragons Care Graphic

10 families at Rockenbaugh started serving the needs of all staff and families at the school that became sick.

Helping Hands Dragons Care Graphic

The group grew to 86 members serving their school community. 

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When the snowstorm hit, the group was able to support 7 staff members, raising $3,490

May 2021

In TOTAL for the 2020-2021 School year we raised $12,477.59!

How we have evolved

Description of how Dragons Care has evolved

In TOTAL for the 2021-2022 School year we raised over $25,697.60!

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