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Dragons Care was contacted by Tiff's Treats for an amazing opportunity to raise funds for our staff, while also getting to enjoy delicious treats! How could we pass that up!?!


So, we are partnering with Tiff's Treats around Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day to raise funds that will go directly to the Dragons Care Fund. This fund primarily supports staff in need that may not have personal connections with parents on a daily basis or for whatever reason do not reach their level of funding. The Dragons Care Fund will also be used to support the minimal operating costs associated with running Dragons Care - including, but not limited to costs associated with having a website, printed materials, insurance for the organization, our P.O. Box annual fee, etc. Our goal is to keep all operating costs at a minimum and make sure that the funds primarily go to the staff. That is one of the many reasons why ALL positions are entirely run by volunteers.


All you have to do to participate is order from Tiff's Treats between April 28-May 11th and put in the code: DRAGONS and 20% of the sale will be donated to Dragons Care. So not only can you give a great gift to someone you care about, but it can also benefit the staff at Carroll ISD as well! WIN-WIN! So let's buy and enjoy some delicious cookies!

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