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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you able to keep operating costs so low?

VOLUNTEERS! Every single person on our Board of Directors, Executive Committee, and Parent Campus/Building Leaders are ALL volunteers. Several staff members and teachers from each campus/building are ALSO volunteering their time to help their co-workers by working alongside us to make sure that they are taken care of as they are walking through hardships. One of our main goals is to keep ALL operating costs at an absolute minimum, so we try to accomplish everything within our team or reach out to others in the community that might be able to help us. 

What is the difference between Dragons Care, Parent Teacher Organizations and the Carroll Education Foundation?

Graphic describing the differences between the PTO, CEF, and Dragons Care

What is the approval process for assessing a hardship/need for a Carroll ISD Staff member in order to receive a grant?

Graphic Depicting the Dragons Care Approval Process for Grants

If approved, what are the grant amounts given to staff members through the Dragons Care program? And what are some examples of what will be approved?

Support Level New Graphic.png
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