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A Night of Community, Cuisine, and Charity with STROLL & STARPOWER


A Night of Community, Cuisine, and Charity

Stroll Our Neighborhood’s social event unites community for charity amidst downpour, featuring culinary delights and heartfelt connections.

The February social event hostedby Stroll Our Neighborhood and Starpower was a heartwarming evening of neighborly bonding and support for local non-profits. Attendees had the pleasure of mingling with representatives from various organizations, gaining insight into their upcoming initiatives and fostering new connections. Despite battling a heavy rainstorm, attendees were undeterred, expressing a strong desire to repeat and expand this event next year.

A standout feature of the evening was the culinary expertise showcased by Chef/Owner Tiffany Reed of Personalized Grazing, who delighted guests with a sumptuous selectionof appetizers. Alli Lynch, owner of Cakepops by Alli, added a sweet touch with her irresistible treats, including Neiman Marcus bars, brownies, and one-of-a-kind cake pops.

As we look back on the evening, we’re reminded of the power of communityand the joy that comes from coming together to celebrate shared values and aspirations. Here’s to more gatherings filled with laughter, connection, and, of course, delicious food.

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