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Pink Out Edition

Note from the President

To date, we have raised and delivered funds and flowers to 5 staff members, teachers, and a School Resource Officer. THIS is what we built this non-profit to accomplish. THIS is our sole purpose. To bring the community together to demonstrate love through financial support for our Carroll ISD staff when they need it most. So thank YOU! Thank you for partnering with us. Whether you have donated directly to a staff member, donated to the general fund, sponsored an event, volunteered, or worn your Dragons Care shirt around town - YOU ALL are the reason that Dragons Care is successful. We do not have an annual gala - we are strictly a needs-based organization - here to partner with our community and connect you with the needs that are given to us by the staff. So we are very grateful that we have been able to start doing that work.

The most important thing you can do each month in this newsletter is to click on each need and read the stories of the staff members and consider giving no matter the size of the gift. EVERYTHING that you give goes directly to them. We spent months researching the very best non-profit website to use and this one takes nothing away from our staff. All you have to do is pay the minimal credit card fee (and, by the way, you are not required to tip). We turn around and give that exact amount raised for level 4 needs to the staff.

Additionally, we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Dragon Blooms, the floral design program run by the Carroll Senior High School students. So every time we drop off a check to a staff member, we are also able to give them a beautiful arrangement made by our students right here at CISD.

Again, I just want to thank all of you, from our sponsors to our supporters, for EVERYTHING you are doing for our staff at CISD. Continue to invite your friends to join our social media platforms, continue to spread the word, and conitune to encourage staff to utilize this program. We are here for THEM.

Sincerest appreciation and gratitude,

Virginia Hinkle


To view ALL of our current staff needs,



Would you or your business like to partner with Dragons Care in supporting the staff of Carroll ISD? We have put together a packet of all of our sponsorship opportunities for 2023/24. Click on this link to view our digital sponsorship packet.You can view it online or conveniently download it.

Contact us at if you are interested in being an official Dragons Care sponsor.

KitKat Brand Pet Treats, owned by CISD student, to donate 100% of sales to Dragons Care

This October AND November, KitKat Brand Pet Treats is teaming up with Dragons Care to help support our teachers, staff and SRO's at Carroll ISD!

All proceeds from these delicious pet treats will be donated to Dragons Care, an incredible initiative led by Panphon Panchakunathorn, a talented Carroll student and entrepreneur. Panphon lovingly bakes these tasty treats herself, so when you support us, you're supporting both of our passions.

📍 Where to find these yummy treats:

  • Peace Love & Little Donuts - Visit them ANY DAY to grab your pet's new fave snacks

  • Southlake Carroll PTO Craft Fair - Nov. 4th and 5th

  • Home for the Holidays Event - Nov. 18th

  • Keller Holly Days - Dec. 2nd

Let's come together to make tails wag, whiskers twitch, and hearts warm this holiday season. Your support means the world to us! 🐾


Pink Out Tailgate Supports both Dragon Football

& Breast Cancer Awareness Month

**All photos courtesy of Morgan Brown

Dragons Care was proud to host a community tailgate at the highly-anticipated Pink Out football game at Dragon Stadium. This event marked not only an energetic display of school spirit but also provided awareness of breast cancer. Unfortunately, many of our staff members have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the past, and they have trusted us to help them with the mounting costs of defeating it. So, we were honored to have this event to celebrate them and all those who are in the battle, those who have overcome it, and comfort those who have lost family members.

The Pink Out game, a cherished tradition, is an opportunity for students, families, and community members to come together, enjoy food, and build camaraderie before cheering for our Dragons on the field. Dragons Care was right at the heart of it all, setting up a welcoming booth with activities and games. By participating in this event, we were able to raise awareness about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a cause close to the hearts of many.

This event would not have been possible without the support of the following sponsors:

Please support these local businesses because they have gone above and beyond in supporting our Southlake community!


Homecoming Carnival & Parade:

Showcasing School and Community Pride

Dragons Care was proud to be a part of this year's homecoming carnival! The event celebrated school spirit and community unity, and Dragons Care was front and center in the festivities.

The Dragons Care team, along with volunteers, brought their

energy and commitment to the carnival, showcasing their dedication to

supporting those who play a crucial role in our children's lives. The Dragons

Care presence was a testament to the organization's unwavering commitment to

giving back and nurturing the bonds within the community. As the parade and carnival brought the community together in a joyful display of unity and was a day filled with school pride, community spirit, and a shared commitment to making a difference.

In the News:

Dragons Care was recently featured in Voyage Dallas. Click here to read the article.


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